Eligibility for Admission

There is no educational qualification is required for this course, the candidate is self-responsible to conduct this training. However, it is better, if the candidate have a basic knowledge of computer.


  • The candidate should be submitted Project/Presentation of end of each subject. And the institute will be responsible to submit subjected assignments [Hard Copy] at the time of final examination.
  • Internal Exam conducted by the institute before final Exam.
  • Eligibility of student for final test on the basis of their assignments.
  • Final Exam Shell be conducted by the Board (Skill Development Council).

Marking Criteria

  • Theory (On-Line) Knowledge                                            400 Marks
  • Practical / Skill Assignment / Project with Viva            100 Marks

 Passing Marks

  • On-Line Theory: Knowledge                         50%
  • Practical / Skill Assignment & Viva            50%