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S.NoCourse NameStudents List (A)Serial
1Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningImran001
2Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Iqbal002
3Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Ramzan003
4Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningUsama Khalid004
5Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningShafiq Ur Rehman005
6Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningSaad006
7Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Jalal Khan007
8Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Shurah Ashraf008
9Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Tayyab009
10Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Qaseem010
11Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Ahmed Fateh011
12Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAmmar Javed012
13Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningRayyan Siddiqui013
14Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Asim014
15Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningWaleed Ul Hasan015
16Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAtta Ur Rahman016
17Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAbdul Fattah Labib017
18Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Zuhaib018
19Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Talha019
20Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAbdullah Tanveer020
21Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningHuzaim021
22Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningWaseem Akram022
23Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad023
24Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAbdur Rehman024
25Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningHusnain Muhavia025
26Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningFida-Ur-Rehman026
27Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Maaz Saleem027
28Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMirza Abuzar Baig028
29Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningSajjid Fareed029
30Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningTaha Bin Azam030
31Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAbdul Ghaffar031
32Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Zarrar032
33Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningUsman Haider033
34Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningHammad Ullah034
35Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Ammar035
36Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningUsama Hashim036
37Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAbdul Jabbar037
38Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningWasi Uddin038
39Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Bin Abdul Sattar039
40Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningAdnan Ahmed040
41Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningRehan Ullah041
42Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Anas042
43Digital Marketing & Graphic DesigningMuhammad Noman Khan043
44Tijara BootCamp WorkshopMuhammad Saeed S/o Muhammad Ashique HussainBC01
45Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Javed Ahmed S/o Syed Ishtiaq AhmedBC02
46Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Hamza Habib S/o Khalid HabibBC03
47Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Adil Khan S/o Afsar KhanBC04
48Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Muhammad Ashhad Qadri S/o Syed Nazim Ali QadriBC05
49Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhammad Sohail S/o Wali Ur RehmanBC06
50Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhamamd Talha S/o Muhammad HanifBC07
51Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhamamd Hanif S/o Abdul GhaffarBC08
52Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Sibghatullah S/o Muhammad HanifBC09
53Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Hammad S/o Fazal Umer SheikhBC10
54Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhamamd Asif Savanur S/o Abdul RehmanBC11
55Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Sheikh Aman Uddin S/o Sheikh MohiuddinBC12
56Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Farhan Ali S/o Mir Wahid AliBC13
57Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Rizwan Nasir S/o Nasir PervaizBC14
58Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhammad Yasir S/o Muhammad DawoodBC15
59Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Asif Khan S/o Muhammad Abdullah KhanBC16
60Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Muhammad Abdullah Siddiqui S/o Abdul Shaheed SiddiquiBC17
61Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Salah Uddin Ahmed S/o Syed Mansoor AhmedBC18
62Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Masroor Ahmed S/o Syed Ahmed UllahBC19
63Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Shaihan Jaffrey S/o Waseem JafferyBC20
64Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Muhammad Zubair S/o Syed Muhammad SheesBC21
65Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Shoaib Ahsan S/o Syed Abdullah MasoodBC22
66Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Syed Ariz Ali S/o Syed Akber AliBC23
67Tijara BootCamp (Workshop)Maria Andleeb S/o Muhammad AyubBC24
68Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Isra Aslam D/O Muhammad Aslam791-2021-05407-00
69Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Wasim Sultana D/O Mahmood Ali Khan791-2021-05408-00
70Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Salima D/O Majnoo Khan Unar791-2021-05409-00
71Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Aniqa Amin D/O Muhammad Amin791-2021-05410-00
72Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Rabia Neelam Saqib D/O Abdul Hameed Shah791-2021-05411-00
73Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sajida Murad D/O Muhammad Murad Lakho791-2021-05412-00
74Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Eisha D/O Muhammad Sohail791-2021-05413-00
75Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Nashrah D/O Musawir Khan791-2021-05414-00
76Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sana Abul Rauf Memo D/O Abdul Rauf Memon791-2021-05415-00
77Health & Nutrition ( 3 Month)Ms.Javaria Masood W/O Masood Ahmed791-2021-05416-00
78Health & Nutrition ( 3 Month)Ms.Sana Zahra D/O Syed Akhtar Abbas791-2021-05417-00
79Health & Nutrition ( 3 Month)Ms.Sana Abul Rauf Memo D/O Abdul Rauf Memon791-2021-05418-00
80Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sarah ShamimCT-II-03
81Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Amna SohailCT-II-04
82Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Samra ShahidCT-II-07
83Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sadaf JafarCT-II-09
84Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Tooba SahilCT-II-10
85Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Umm-e- AimanCT-II-11
86Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Adina WaqarCT-II-12
87Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Huma SajidCT-II-13
88Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.RukhmaCT-II-14
89Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.MalihaCT-II-15
90Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farheen KhanCT-II-16
91Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Munazza Mehmood AlamCT-II-18
92Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Hafeeza MujeebCT-II-19
93Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Farooq Ul HasanCT-II-20
94Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Aamir AhsanCT-II-21
95Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farah DeebaCT-II-22
96Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Huma BasharatCT-II-23
97Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Maqsood AhmedCT-II-24
98Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Shamshad AkhtarCT-II-25
99Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Muhammad Usman GhaniCT-II-26
100Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Azmat HussainCT-II-27
101Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farzana IshaqCT-II-28
102Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Abdul ShakoorCT-II-29
103Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Shabana BilalCT-II-30
104Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.Samra ShahidHN-II-07
105Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.Maryam FaizHN-II-08
106Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.NaureenHN-II-35
107Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Syeda Wareesha ArhamCT-II-01
108Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Uzma BasitCT-II-02
109Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sarah ShamimCT-II-03
110Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Amna SohailCT-II-04
111Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Samra ShahidCT-II-07
112Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Sadaf JafarCT-II-09
113Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Tooba SahilCT-II-10
114Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Umm-e- AimanCT-II-11
115Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Adina WaqarCT-II-12
116Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Huma SajidCT-II-13
117Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.RukhmaCT-II-14
118Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.MalihaCT-II-15
119Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farheen KhanCT-II-16
120Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Munazza Mehmood AlamCT-II-18
121Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Hafeeza MujeebCT-II-19
122Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Farooq Ul HasanCT-II-20
123Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Aamir AhsanCT-II-21
124Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farah DeebaCT-II-22
125Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Huma BasharatCT-II-23
126Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Maqsood AhmedCT-II-24
127Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Shamshad AkhtarCT-II-25
128Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Muhammad Usman GhaniCT-II-26
129Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Azmat HussainCT-II-27
130Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Farzana IshaqCT-II-28
131Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Abdul ShakoorCT-II-29
132Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Ms.Shabana BilalCT-II-30
133Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)Mr.Mati Ur RehmanCT-II-31
134Cupping Therapy ( 3 Month)MS.Ayesha MehboobCT-II-32
135Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.Uzma BasitHN-II-02
136Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.Samra ShahidHN-II-07
137Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.Maryam FaizHN-II-08
138Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Mr.Syed Muhammad AhmedHN-II-17
139Health & Nutrition (3 Month)Ms.NaureenHN-II-35
140Cupping TherapyMr.Latif Ur Rehman768-2020-00131
141Cupping TherapyMr.Taaj Uddin768-2020-00132
142Cupping TherapyMr.Muhammad Abdullah768-2020-00133
143Cupping TherapyMr.Syed Shoukat Ali768-2020-00134
144Cupping TherapyMs.Naznin Shoukat768-2020-00135
145Cupping TherapyMr.Bashir Uddin769-2020-00148
146Cupping TherapyMr.Farhan Khurshid Abbasi768-2020-00136
147Cupping TherapyMr.Musawir Khan768-2020-00137
148Cupping TherapyMs.Nuzhat Khan768-2020-00138
149Cupping TherapyMs.Laila Taqvi768-2020-00139
150Cupping TherapyMr.Azam Ahmed Taqvi768-2020-00140
151Cupping TherapyMs.Nadia768-2020-00141
152Cupping TherapyMs.Naureen768-2020-00142
153Cupping TherapyMs.Mehwish Qutub768-2020-00143
154Cupping TherapySyed Tahir Hussain Shah768-2020-00144
155Cupping TherapyHafiz Muhamamd Ebaad768-2020-00145
156Mr.Muhammad NazirHealth & Nutrition768-2020-00146
157Mr.IsrafeelHealth & Nutrition769-2020-00147
158Ms.Wajiha TalhaHealth & Nutrition769-2020-00150
159Zubair AhmedHealth & Nutrition769-2020-00149
160Mr.Zubair AhmedProphetic MedicineR#18/1369
161Ms.Wajiha TalhaProphetic MedicineR#18/1431
162Ms. NaureenProphetic MedicineR#18/1432

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